Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Wax Lady Knows All

I went to my mother-in-law's wax lady this morning to get my legs waxed for the wedding I'm attending this weekend. During our conversation, she asked me if we were planning for a second child. I said as a matter of fact I'm pregnant. She gave me this all knowing grin and said since she didn't know me very well she didn't want to say anything at first. But she said she could tell. I was amazed and asked her how. She said she can tell by the hairs on my legs!

Sue went on to tell me she had a regular client come in a few weeks ago and while she was waxing her legs, she told her client that she's pregnant. Her client was surprised and said that is not possible. But soon after she came back and said Sue was right!

I was amazed and asked her how she could tell. She said she noticed that my hairs were not resistant to all the pulling. And usually if it's a regular client of hers, its even more noticable when the hairs come off so easy.

Now how's that for a new early pregnancy detection method?

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