Monday, April 24, 2006

Back To Oz

Boy Wonder and I have arrived safely in Melbourne and already we are having a great time. The flight was looong, 9 hours. It felt extra long because when you have a almost 30 pound toddler crashed out on your lap and whole body, it can be torture. At least this time I didn't have to chase him all over the plane.

I was hoping it wouldn't be a full flight this time, but with my luck it was. I brought a few toys which Boy Wonder had not seen before and thankfully it kept him occupied all the way till bedtime. The only disaster during the flight was the mess up our travel agent did with our meal. She didn't inform us that since Boy Wonder had a lap seat and not a seat to himself, that meant ordering a child meal would end up with mama having no meal. The flight attendant carefully explained the situation to me and since it was not her fault, I complained alittle but didn't go spastic. Lucky for me, the flight attendant was nice enough to offer me her dinner instead since she wasn't hugry. I was amazed by her offer. I think that is the first time I've met an actually nice flight attendant. You wouldn't want to know what happened to me during my previous flights. I don't want to relive it either. So anyways, I was thankful in the end and so was my rumbling tummy.

When we finally arrived in Melbourne, customs took much longer than I had hoped due to 4 flights arriving at the same time. The lines were snaking really slowly. I could tell why because in front of me and behind me were both Asian passangers with luggages full of dried mushrooms, herbs, teas, etc. Although its ok to bring some in as long as you declare them, it took ages for the customs people to go through all the items to make sure it was ok. Good thing all I had were some cookies and a bag of formula.

So now that we're safely at my inlaws, let the relaxation begin! We're slowly trying to get Boy Wonder totally accustomed to his grandparents. Already he is being pushed to look for grandma or pop everything he tells me "lai" (meaning come in Chinese). They have started taking him out this morning for his morning run around session and also out the backyard to see the chickens and play with the dogs in the afternoons. Now we just need him to start eating if grandma feeds him and go to bed if I don't bring him there.

All this reprogramming needs to fall into place by Thursday night because I'll be meeting up with hubby in Adelaide early Friday morning to attend a wedding. I am so excited! 3 full days without Boy Wonder in tow. 10 full meals without having to worry when he'll start running around the restaurant. 3 nights sleep without worrying whether Boy Wonder is warm enough or cool enough or whether he needs a nappy change. Don't get me wrong, I'll miss him tremendously and still worry abit at the back of my mind. But you can also have my word I'll make the most of it! And I get hubby all to myself for 3 whole days!

So in the meantime, I'm just doing my best to relax some more. I've offered to cook dinner some nights and have not totally flaked out on taking care of Boy Wonder just yet. Tomorrow is Anzac day here in Australia which will be a holiday, so we'll go shopping the day after. I need to look good for the wedding. And do lots of eating for my growing hunger.


Pam said...

Glad your flight went well. Which airline did you take this time?

Don't worry, I'm sure Boy wonder will do great with his grandparents. My little girl started school today and didn't look for me for close to 2 hours. But I'm still nervous as heck about my Europe trip in May. I hope we both do well.

Chris said...

Nice to hear that the flight attendant volunteered to give you her meal. Although most int'l flights are usually catered to about 101-104% of capacity so they probably had an extra meal or two out there. But it was a nice gesture.

Enjoy Oz!

ragamuffin girl said...

Oooh.. enjoy yourself Tehls! See you when you get back!