Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What's In A Name

Hubby and I have heard of alot of "unique" names and thought we'd start an ongoing list. Hubby has actually met most of them and even have their business cards.

Galaxy Chan
Mega Sin
Money Chow
David Dollar
Psyche Tai
Bacon Yuen
Uncle Li
Often Chang
But Fuk Keung
Thor Lo


Hubby said...

Well, I've only met a few of them but colleagues / friends have met all of the others.

mayapapaya said...

Sorry that my first comment ever is on this post. Anyway, Grumpus and I met a Fun Ho at Ikea. Think she was in the wrong line of work?

hubby said...

A friend in Shanghai has met a guy at a banking seminar appropriately named "Len Ding"