Thursday, March 23, 2006

Soul Food

I was going to continue working on a post tonight which was pretty much more of my moans and groans about seeing my "friend" over the weekend. But as the ladies were leaving after having lunch at my place today, I thanked them for what seemed like a therapy session they provided me by listening to my continued woes. As I waved bye to them I realized how thankful I was that there are these ladies that were willing to listen to me whine over and over again about the same thing for what seemed like forever! And then it hit me again, I may have lost a very dear friend. But in exchange I have gained a wonderful, endearing, accepting, open-minded, wise and colorful group of friends. You loose one, you gain a gaggle. What more can a gal ask for.

I arrived in HK a few years ago having just lost my closest friend. Although I was still caught up in the excitement of marrying the man of my dreams and starting a new life. It was also ironic that I ended up in the same city as her. I wondered how was I suppose to go through the whole friendship making process again after such a great loss. And I was still wondering up until this afternoon. What was I so worried about? I had already forged a great friendship with my Thursday group.

Who else would be patient enough to listen through all my friendship dramas over and over again? Who else would be willing to adopt Boy Wonder and I when there is no electricity in our apartment for the day? Who else would give the ongoing offer of their babysitting services if I ever need a break from Boy Wonder? Who else would whole heartedly invite me over anytime they are home and free? I am trully blessed to have found a group of women who have an unending supply of kwento, food, support and love.

So yes, I have lost quite a few friends through the years. But I think I've hit the jackpot moving to HK. As I count the number of ladies in my lunch group, I realize I have gained infinitely more with each of their unique personalities. Everything I miss and yearned from each of the friends I have lost, I have now found in at least one of these ladies. And as I get to know them more each week we meet, I am amazed at what I have learned about them and myself.

I mentioned how it's been so difficult for me to move on, but today I can say I've definitely taken a good solid step towards acceptance. Thanks for always keeping a day in the week free for our therapy sessions ladies. It's been therapy for my soul too.


ragamuffin girl said...

awwww, now it's my turn to cry! seriously, I can't imagine life here in HK without our weekly, sometimes even bi or tri-weekly sessions. we can talk about the most inane to the deepest topics; and although some of us are still hesitant to confide in each other, I can feel more and more the "opening up" of minds and hearts. here's to relatively young friendships; the best is yet to come!

Pam said...

you're making me cry too... I can't imagine life in HK without friends like you. I think the Thursday group is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary this week. That's 3 years of seeing each other almost every week and we still haven't run out of things to talk about. Here's to our friendship... may it stand the test of this transient place called Hong Kong.

midicrux said...

Not crying yet, because I'm trying to keep sober, but I'm awfully touched. I'll see if I can make it to this week's gathering. See? I didn't know our annie was this week! 'Don't want to miss our annie.

mida :))