Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The past week or so has just been blah. The only excitement was having a guest stay with us for a few days on his way back to Beijing. He was great with Boy Wonder and I loved having those free minutes in the day while they played together. I'm just glad Boy Wonder warmed up to him quickly and had a blast. They got along so well together that our guest said meeting Boy Wonder again has made him realize he really wants to have kids after their April wedding.

I'm also in the process of hiring a part-time helper. I've reached a point in my kitchen career that I am so sick of cooking and doing the dishes. I let the neverending pile stock up and yet I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink. I've also started cooking ALOT of dishes in our pathetic little oven because I'm too lazy to prepare something and cook them on the stove. I'm already abit dissappointed in myself because I think I have fed Boy Wonder 2 McDonald's meals in the span of a month so far. Anything more than that I consider myself to be a failure as Super Mom.

So anyways, the hiring process has been slow. So far the one and only helper I've tried out that can cook made her dish too spicey when I specifically told her not to because Boy Wonder would be eating it as well. She also left our dinky little dinning table a mess with her half-hearted wipe. I have a new lead today though after asking some of the helpers at the playground. I got to see my potential future helper stick her head out of the bathroom window on the seventh floor since she couldn't come out and play at that moment. She'll give me a call soon so we can arrange a trial run. I really hope things work out. I've also posted an ad at our ParknShop but I guess there must be a backup of ads since mine hasn't been posted yet.

I've also been researching on graphic design companies to redesign my TLY Designs logo. I just feel that my cartoon logo doesn't look professional enough anymore. So far the best deal I've seen was from an ad in the Dollarsaver for Oliver's Webdesign Ltd. They charge HK$350 for their logo design. So I thought it might be even cheaper if I checked out a few Philippine based companies and to my shock most of them charge at least double and one even quoted me 100 times more than Olivers! And one guy I found which was the best deal only charges US$40, but he has a large project at the moment and won't be available until July. Darn! So at the moment I might go with Oliver's.

I'm also hopefully going to attend the Jewellery Fair this week. Hubby said he will do his best to get an afternoon off, probably Thursday so he can watch Boy Wonder while I go to the fair and see what I can get my hands on. I basically need to buy some tools to start teaching a few students. Exciting!

Hmmm... I guess there are quite a few things going on at the moment. It just didn't seem like anything but after writing it down, it sure seems like alot!

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hubby said...

So did you get enough time at the jewelry fair? You must have only been there half an hour right?

Errrr, so bored at working waiting for the stupid client to get back to me........