Thursday, February 23, 2006

Withdrawal Symptoms

My in-laws left on Sunday. They took an evening flight right after we got back from Macau for the weekend. Monday I was ok I guess, but when the afternoon came I started getting a headache. I tried to sleep it off, but it rocked on until Wednesday morning then faded away. I thought to myself, sheesh I knew I would miss having my in-laws here but this headache was like a major withdrawal symptom. Then it hit me, it WAS a withdrawal symptom.

My father-in-law would drink around 6 cups of coffee a day. So while they were here, our kettle would often be on the go. Whenever he askes if anyone wants a cuppa, it would be difficult to resist. So for the 2 weeks they were here, I had been having more than my usual amount of caffeine. After they left, I stopped coffee cold turkey and I guess it was a shock to my system.

But seriously though, it wasn't just the absence of caffeine that was a shock to my system after they left. While they were here, they brought Boy Wonder out almost every morning for over an hour, sometimes even longer. In the afternoons, they would take him out again for at least an hour. For the first time in months or even since Boy Wonder was born, I was able to go out at night and enjoy myself. I was also able to meet up with my friends and enjoy a leasurely lunch without chasing after Boy Wonder and miss majority of the conversation. It was great to have such freedom, even for only 2 weeks.

So now that they're gone, I've gone back to weekly lunches at someone's apartment instead of a restaurant and no more stepping out of the apartment without Boy Wonder attached to me. And most of all, no more telling Boy Wonder: "Where's grandma? Go to Grandma" whenever I need a few minutes to myself or I'm just too tired playing the same game over and over. Oh! And also when I want that extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning it was great to just send Boy Wonder off to grandma and pop. That was wonderful. I'm going to miss that.

All in all this was a great preview to how things should work out in April when we leave Boy Wonder with my in-laws while hubby and I attend a wedding in Adelaide. I hope he'll retain most of his memory of his grandparents so we won't have to do the whole reorientating Boy Wonder to his grandparents thing again.

So now that I've shook off my withdrawal symptoms and am pretty much back to normal, I shall blog with more regularity again!

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