Sunday, February 26, 2006

Still A Long Way to Go

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Macau overnight last weekend with my in-laws. Granted its not the best or even one of the nicer hotels there, but something small happened that pissed me off. While we were in the lift, a couple stepped in and the guy was holding a lit cigarette. He tried to hide it, so at least he was "concerned" about the smoke while in a confined space. When we got to the lobby, I saw the same guy approach the front desk to ask something while smoking his cigarette. Then to my horror, he dropped the cigarette right there on the floor and step on it. I could not believe my eyes! Granted we were not in a 5 star hotel, but my gosh, dropping your cigarette right in front of the front desk and putting it out there? What is this world coming to? Or should I say where is Macau headed to?

I have been really impressed with the direction Macau is headed over the past year or so. We have invested in Macau and are really happy with all the casinos and hotels being built there in a hurry. Almost every few weeks we hear another new hotel will start construction there. With all the progress happening, its obvious majority of its clientele will be from the mainland. Although its good for us as investors, I would hate to see Macau turn into a typical mainland state as the years go by. I may sound "racist", but being Chinese myself, I admit us Chinese are not the cleanest, most orderly race.

During one of our other trips to Macau the lines at immigration when we got there were crazy! There were several huge groups of mainland tourists and we were stuck lining up amongst them. When we were 5-6 persons away from the immigration counter, a lady from the next line decided she was going to cut in front of us. Of course hubby would not have a bar of it and made sure she could not squeeze in. She then decided to cut in front of the group behind us and thankfully the lady behind us who was also a mainlander gave her an earfull. After realizing her arguments are of no use, she went back to her original line. I was so shocked at the whole situation comedy that was happening in front of me.

But its not just Macau that have to beware. Even living in HK, I can already see the nasty mainland habits going on. One day coming home on the bus, hubby sat in the row behind Boy Wonder and me. When I turned my head to talk to hubby, I noticed the lady sitting behind him take out a plastic bag, pull down her 2-3 year old's pants and ask him to wee. My jaw dropped. Good thing her kid said he didn't want to wee so she put the bag away. Had the boy actually started weeing, I seriously would have told hubby to quickly move away and I would have given the lady an earfull. For goodness sake! What mother in a civilized society makes her son pee into a plastic bag while on a public bus??!! Oh, she was speaking in Mandarin, so I knew she was from the mainland.

You can just imagine what it was like when we actually lived in Shanghai. Good thing we realized our mistake and even more thankfully hubby's boss didn't care where he was based, so we quickly packed our bags after 6 months and moved back here.

All I can say is that if this pattern of mass exodus of mainlanders keep up, they better start polishing up on how civilized people live when it comes to cleanliness, sanitation and basic courtesy. We are happy to be more exposed to their culture, language, etc. because that is what makes their nation great. But as China steadily progresses economically, I hope they realize all other aspects of their country are still 20 years behind the rest of the world.

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ragamuffin girl said...

Hear, hear! When we were at Ocean Park last year, a month before heading off to the paradise we thought was Canada, a wizened lady who looked to be 100 years old cut in front of us while we were queueing up for a ride. She looked at us in this comical way and flashed a toothless grin, as if by smiling we would forgive her rudeness and allow her to move ONE PERSON FORWARD along the line. I mean, if you're just going to cut in, do so to your advantage, not to piss someone off. Sheesh.