Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sax, Dinning and Alcohol

I realized I haven't been on a night out in awhile when I started to figure out what to wear for last night's outing. I had this dress in mind and when I tried it on in the afternoon, I discovered my boobs had decided to decend 2 inches below the boob line. When did this happen!? I didn't even know I had enough boobs to notice they're not at the correct height they're suppose to be in that dress! So on with the next. I then found a tube-top dress which was black and elastic on the top. You can't go wrong with that! But to my horror, I had a new discovery: I had another set of boob-like mass spilling out from the top of my dress near my armpits! Great, one set of boobs that didn't want to stand up and be counted and another pseudo set of boobs peeping out and couldn't avoid being counted. And so I tried a few too many more outfits. They were all either too dressy, too tight, too boring, smelled to old and unworn or didn't have shoes to go with them. Sheesh, what did I use to wear when I went out at night? In the end I settled for a slightly miss matched outfit which consisted of a black skirt, a top and a black shawl to cover everything up. I was just glad to be in a skirt and high heels with no Boy Wonder in tow.

And so around 630pm we took our glamorous bus to Wanchai. When we got to JJ's we were given a detailed tour of the newly renovated former club courtesy of one of our mommy's hubby who works for the Grand Hyatt. (its definitely good to know the right people!) They had transformed it into a Thai restaurant/bar. After the tour, we were seated at one of the tables in their wine tasting dinning room. Knowing we didn't have to pay for anything, we ordered 2 appetizers: fish cakes and pork neck, 3 salads:green papaya, pomelo and chicken with coriander, 4 mains: grilled chicken, green curry with chicken, veggies and sea bass and topped it off with 3 desserts: thai tea ice cream, boiled banana in coconut milk and coconut creme brulee. The food was magnificent! I seriously had not eaten that well in a long while. I told the other mommies the best place I've eaten in the past 3 months was at a place called the Steak Bank while vacationing in Oz.

After we had filled our tummies, we headed upstairs to where the bar was with an R&B band playing. The band was contracted from Seattle and will perform there for a whole year. The music was great! We ordered some drinks and sat ourselves at the bar. Being the wuss that I am, I went with a non-alcoholic drink called the Thai Dream. It definitely was not a dream. The green mango was too tart and with the hint of basil, it smelt abit too fishy after a few sips. Noticing I was not impressed, the bartender suggested the virgin vanilla daquiri which was much better.

The evening was made even more interesting after meeting a few of the band members. Knowing they were from Seattle, we were expecting typical US guys. But when we started chatting to a few of them we found out one was Serbian and the other was from Somalia. They were as interesting as their music. But sadly for the Serbian guy we weren't the single hot chicks he thought we were that would join him at Typhoon afterwards. It was funny seeing his reaction when I said sorry but we all have to go home to our babies after this. At least he was gracious enough to ask about our kids before heading off. But hey, that meant we were still hot enough to have been invited by the band. Even if it was just the one band member.

I got home last night around 1245am. Not too late and not too early. Boy Wonder was fast asleep and so were my in-laws. There was no frantic phonecall or anything from them the whole evening. I was told Boy Wonder did look for me for a short while but went back to normal, ate his dinner and went to bed with no drama. I've GOT to go out again before my in-laws leave!

All in all it was great to go out again and just hang out with a couple of gals. Not only did I enjoy the food, but the company was great. The ladies I was with may only be mommies I've met at the playground downstairs, but they're fast becoming good friends and I'm glad I'm getting the chance to spread myself out more than just my apartment. I'm definitely looking forward to getting out more when Boy Wonder gets older or when we finally hire a helper. But in the meantime last night was a great preview to what is still out there for me.

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