Monday, February 13, 2006

My Hubby the Marathon Hero

Sunday, February 12 was the 10th Annual HK Standard Chartered Marathon. My hubby joined it for the 3rd year in a row and this time, his dad joined him all the way from Melbourne. They both finished with impressive times and I am so proud of them!

My father-in-law arrived a week ago and continued his training with hubby at the Aberdeen sports ground. It was funny listening to them exchange "threats" as each said who will be eating who's dust at the marathon or who will have to take the loosers bus to the finish line because he was going too slow. Dad said during the halfway point where they had to double back, he saw hubby on the other side of the road and yelled: "I'm not on the bus yet!". One of the runners heard him and almost fell over laughing. The loosers bus you see if for those who didn't make it at the set time in which all runners have to reach a certain point during the race. You get picked up by the bus which we have all lovingly referred to as the loosers bus if you're too slow. I'm just glad neither of them had to be given CPR like 2 of the racers who are now in critical condition at the hospital.

Hubby had been training for around 9 months and kept off the beers for that same amount of time. He lost close to 20 pounds in the process and is looking leaner, meaner and oooh so fit! But of course right after the marathon, his dad and him sat on the coach the rest of the day watching Cricket and drinking beers. They sure deserved it though! We ordered pizza for lunch and KFC for dinner. I don't think we've ever had such a massive amount of junk in one day. Good thing yesterday was the only day an excuse to do such indulgence was acceptable. We now need to find hubby another sport to get into to make sure he keeps off the weight! So far he's suggested professional Chess.

But anyways its been very interesting watching hubby get into marathon running. He's gained a ton these past 3 years from participating in it. He has shown me just how much determination, discipline and heart he can pour into something he sets his mind into. I love him for it and I look forward to supporting him in the next project he finds.

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