Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Money CAN Buy You Love

Hubby asked me yesterday whether I wanted a fancy Valentine's Day dinner with him or use the money and go shopping instead. I chose to go shopping. Why spend money on something I'll remove from my system by the following morning when I can use it to get me something I can wear on my feet, like a pair of shoes for a long time after? I'm just thankful hubby and I don't make a big deal out of "special" days like Valentine's Day. I would have ran out of things to give him by the second year of our marriage.

But don't get me wrong. I would still prefer to spend time with my hubby if given the choice. But since today is like any other day for us, why eat out when I have the added excuse to go shopping? We've been living on a tight budget this past year, so shopping is a luxury I don't have often. My in-laws are here too so the free time I am given without Boy Wonder is an even more rare luxury available at the moment.

On the other side of the spectrum however are those people who do go all out to celebrate this highly marketed occasion. As mentioned on the news, a dozen red roses will cost you HK1,500, dinner for 2 is around HK700 per person and a box of Godiva chocolates around HK300-500 per box. I pity the poor sod that HAS to get all these things or else his girlfriend will be highly dissappointed. In the past I found it hard to believe there are actual people out there who would judge their relationship on how much and what their boyfriend gives them. It was after moving to HK that I realized this was all true.

I recently met someone who admitted she would make a good mistress but not a wife. She said she likes buying and given expensive brandname stuff. She doesn't care about whether the guy will spend time with her or give her commitment, she just wants him to buy her stuff and maybe go travel together once in awhile. Heck, just buy her the ticket and she'll go travel with her friends. She went shopping a few weeks ago and bought 10 pairs of branded shoes in 5 days. One day she spent HK60K shopping with her sister and another evening she spent HK70K because her brother-in-law paid for a chunk of it. What do you do with all that stuff?? If she finally meets a guy who takes the bait, he will have to fullfill her shopping extravagance. I feel sorry for the guy already.

So for someone like me who can't fall asleep at night when hubby is on a business trip, I can't imagine what life would be like with a closet full of clothes and shoes but an empty spot in bed next to me. Alot of people here have made money synonymous to love, and use money to fill the hole they don't realize exists in their lives. I'm just glad the hole I have in my life is in my wallet. But it sure feels good to burn a larger hole in it once in awhile.


Pam said...

I was in IFC yesterday and there were a lot of women with those expensive flower bouquets walking around. Really huge ones and I thought that they cost HKD500 or so... but HKD1500? That's just obscene!
I can't imagine making my hubby spend that much on something that I'll just have to throw out in 3 days or so.

Chris said...

Here in Bangkok there were tons of high school age boys on the morning train, toting boquets and single roses. Who knows how much these youngsters spent to cater to their image-conscious girl- (and maybe a few boy-) friends?

The funny thing, I think, is that V-day was created by a greeting card company in the US in the first place. Now it is a global holiday. Bizarre.