Monday, February 06, 2006

Mommy's Going Out To Play

My in-laws are here from Melbourne for 2 weeks. My father-in-law will be joining hubby for the marathon this coming Sunday. Hubby will be off to antarctic Beijing from Tuesday to Thursday and I, will be going out Tuesday evening with the playground mommies for an evening of food, drinks and music... for free! While grandma and pop look after Boy Wonder. It can't get any better than that!

I'm abit apprehensive though. When my parents were here 2 months ago, I left Boy Wonder with my folks for an evening of serious gossiping with the Thursday Group. 5 minutes after I got on the bus, my mother calls and tells me Boy Wonder had thrown up from crying so much. I could hear my dad going crazy nearby as he cleaned up the spew. Being the typical protective Chinese grandparent, he didn't understand how I could just leave my baby and not bother coming back after knowing he's just thrown up all his dinner. But hey, he's already thrown it all up, what else can I do anyways if I came running home.

Although I was filled with guilt, I continued on into Central and tried my best to enjoy my rare evening out with the ladies. Around 1am, my mother calls and asks me when I'm coming home. I asked whether everything's ok and she said Boy Wonder cried and hubby is looking after him now. Again I asked what is the problem and she said shouldn't I come home already since hubby needed to get some sleep coz he still needed to go to work the next day. I admit I wasn't too happy when she said that and told her I'll come home when I feel like it.

After hanging up, how was I to enjoy the rest of my early morning? Pissed off, I told the ladies sorry and went home. When I got home I was expecting an upset hubby because I supposedly caused him to loose sleep when he still needed to go to work the next day. Instead he asked me why I was home already. I told him about the call my mom made and we ended up getting up and chatting somemore in the livingroom. A few minutes later Boy Wonder got up again and I gave him a bottle since he was hungry after spewing out his dinner. At least the night ended up on an okay note and we all went off to sleep.

So we're going to run the experiment again, this time with the other set of grandparents. I've warned my mother-in-law about the spewing and she said pop is a good spew cleaner-upper. I'm quite satisfied with that reply, so we'll wait and see what happens.

In the meantime I'm looking forward to hanging out with the playground moms and hoping to enjoy myself. Ooooh now I just need to decide what to wear! I'll let you all know how things went after I get back tomorrow.

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Pam said...

So how was party night? Hope you had fun and Boy Wonder behaved for his grandparents.