Friday, January 13, 2006

Shackles of Inactivity

I was chatting with one of the playground moms yesterday and we both commented on how bored with were. She said its a typical feeling one gets around the new year, so we're pretty normal to feel this way.

Unfortunately both of us are in our shackles of inactivity due to financial reasons. We have both invested in property outside of HK recently and all I can say is that all that payment sucks!

There are times when I sit in front of my tv during my son's nap time and a sudden idea comes to mind. I'm filled with excitement because its either an art class or business idea I want to start. But then I remember we don't have the extra finance for such frivolous hobbies and it takes money to make money. That sucks!

Then there are times when I see a great recipe on the net or in one of my books. A leg of lamb or some exotic expensive ingredient. Oh yes, and a real oven needed too. Can't afford, can't afford and can't fit in our kitchen (can't afford it either and will have to move to a bigger apartment to make it fit, thus can't afford x4). That sucks x3!

I want to whine sometimes and tell hubby how much it all sucks that we can't eat out often, that our bathroom reeks because we're both too lazy to clean it and too cheap to hire a part-timer. I have issues, but I'm sure hubby has more issues coz he needs to come home with the goods to pay for our investments everyday.

So here I am, finding ways of entertaining myself and hoping I'll distract myself before I find more things that suck at the moment. I know, I'll come up with a list of things that suck in general:

1. It sucks when the bathroom rug gets swept up when you open or close the door. I always need to bend down and fix it flat again before and after using the bathroom.
2. It sucks when you're about to enter the elevator to go up then see it packed with people that you thought were going to the basement floor when they entered on the ground floor.
3. It sucks when you thought its cold out, so you bundle up only to realize you've worn too much and need to drag all that extra clothing with you.
4. It sucks when you realize the item you purchased because it was on special is really not on special because someone replaced it in the wrong section.
5. It sucks when you've figured out the perfect outfit to wear only to find out you don't have the shoes to go with it right before you step out.
6. It sucks when you order KFC, tell them you have a coupon for free egg tarts but when its delivered, they still charged you for it!
7. It sucks when the water really stops at the exact time the building management notice said it will.
8. It sucks when your kid does a poo right after you've changed his nappy.
9. It sucks when you time it wrong and he does the poo while you were bathing him!
10. It sucks when you can't even get half a load of laundry together and there is one item in there you need asap.
11. It sucks when you rush home like a mad woman thinking you've left the stove on and you didn't!
12. It sucks when you fidle with your CD Rom drive for ages trying to figure out how to save something on your disk then you realize its not a CD Rom recorder. Duh.

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ragamuffin girl said...

Joaquin did item number 9 yesterday. I'll leave out the gory details. Suffice it to say I was screaming my head off while making sure he didn't step on the poo and it didn't smear the shower mat and... oh you get the picture.