Monday, January 23, 2006


I wasn't able to fall asleep right away last night. It was close to midnight and other than the coffee I had too late in the evening, our upstairs neighbors were at it again, screaming at their kids which caused me to stare up at our ceiling for ages.

When we first moved into this apartment last year, we had an encounter with them early on. It was close to 11 in the evening and someone was still playing the piano. With such thin walls, it was annoying listening to someone play the same tune over and over again. It wasn't as if we were listening to Mozart or Beethoven. It was getting late and finally hubby had to go upstairs and complain. He said a kid opened the door and after hubby had kindly asked them to stop playing because we were trying to get some sleep, the kid shut the door. Hubby then heard screaming coming from an older woman. It was a sign of things to come.

Ever since that night, we have probably heard screaming or arguing or crying coming from our upstairs neighbor around once a week. Twice now we have heard a man and a woman joining forces to scream at a crying child. I have no problems if they want to strangle each other, but on both occasions when the crying child was involved, it was close to midnight. I don't see why any parent would scream at their child close to midnight when the child should be in bed long ago. It breaks my heart whenever I hear the child, but since I don't understand what they are screaming about and am not completely sure if it is coming directly from upstairs, I feel powerless to do anything.

Last week the piano playing went on abit too late again. It was past 11 and so hubby went upstairs again. This time, he said after he had rang the door bell, he could see someone looking through the peephole then the piano playing stopped. After that he heard screaming from that same woman, probably to her kids. Then there was complete silence with more eyes looking through the peep hole. Hubby stood there for awhile and when realizing they weren't going to open the door, he said "I can see you looking through the peephole ya know?". Still no one came to the door. What a bunch of lunatics! So hubby left since the piano playing stopped anyway but not before noticing the pictures of Jesus plastered all over their door.

Isn't that ironic? The one door in which screaming and crying comes from often is the door with Jesus' picture on it. Gives you all the more reason to agree with Shyguy's post.

So anyway, the screaming and crying stopped in the end and hubby and I were finally able to drift off to sleep. Maybe we'll hear more screaming next Sunday again after they come home from mass or Sunday worship.

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Pam said...

Tell me about noisy upstairs neighbors... When we first moved into our flat, we would hear the upstairs neighbor moving/dragging heavy furnitures right above our bedroom at 1 or 2 in the morning. Why they would move furniture at that time, I don't know. We complained a couple of times to the caretaker who I don't think understood what we were saying. It still happens from time to time but not as bad anymore. I feel your pain. I'm sure that hearing kids cry at midnight makes the situation worse. Hope you get better neighbors when you move.